Playing the game in single player mode starts as soon as you start the program, exiting the game by hitting ESC once in full screen mode or twice in windowed mode, will save your progress for the next time you star the program as if you never left. Use the console for more options such as resetting your game to the default start at installation.

First two ways to score: (General Timed Numericals)

There are two ways to score when learning the basics. Anytime you score your score will remain until you play again and score. Only when you score is your score saved. The two ways to score is to play the game in the first mode, or the second mode. Use the number keys "1" or "2" to choose. A score in mode "1" only changes the initial time in your score display. A score in mode "2" changes two times which are the second two numbers in your score display. Upon selecting mode "1" you will be automatically warpped to a black starting point, the objective is to return to the lawn that you start at which will lock a score in the initial score time of your score display. Upon selecting mode "2" you will be required first, for sport, to ride away from the lawn you start at which will start the second timer of the score. Upon making it to the required distance away from the lawn, the first timer of the second score will become concrete and the second number of mode "2" scoring will begin to count. Upon making it back to the lawn both numbers of your score will become concrete and show on your score display. At anytime you can hit the "0" key and forfiet your play and automatically return to the lawn, any score you previously had remains.

2D and 3D version differences: (Decide your game)

Blacklawn 2D only has the 1st and 2nd operating modes for ways to score, as does Blacklawn 3D. In Blacklawn 3D however you have various other ways to increase your score line able too accumulate scores above the default 1st and 2nd play options. The score line may extend up to seven other different hidden ways to play. Beacons indicated by shimmering stars have been placed all around the city lawn to help illuminate points of interest. Blacklawn 3D has a multiplayer mode option of play using a client server design. Beacons are not present in multiplayer mode and in multiplayer mode there is a model of the city featured in the city which shows players on the city map in live small scale size. In Blacklawn 3D there is also a baby ship, or a bot, that runs around on his own by default and returns to the lawn ever so often. The baby ship likes to idolize you and what you do because he can't do nearly as much.

Fore unseen scores: (Includes Xth, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, Nth)

The Xth score is self expression timer for being AFK and may be exclusive.

The third score indicates various modifications to your player ship or abilities which includes coloring, body kits and zoom trails. There is a total of seven body kits you can have for your ship including the default. The first part of it as a numerical color indication to the custom color of your ship coupled with a body mod indicator, a percent sign (%) indicated default body, and a dollar sign ($) indicates a custom body. Some ships have their own colors where as the color then only applies to the trails of your ship, if you have them installed. The second part of the third score indicates your current land speed coupled with an indicator of whether or not your ship has a trails modification, trails leave temporary trails behind you ship where ever you move and is considered to be a decorative art expression status and a visual display of land speed, a carret sign (^) indicates no trails and a hash sign (#) indicates you have trails. The third score will also indicate that you are stalled should you become stalled, by being replaced with the word STALLED. Any free handinap you may also have will be indicated at the end of the 3rd score with a ampersand sign (&). You will not get a 3rd score reading until you stumble upon ship modification other then your land speed.

The fourth score is similar to the scoring of the 1st or 2nd score as it is another split timer however it has unique characteristics to the use of, the finding of, and the keep of, the first and second parts to it.

The fith score is a cumulative strand of three individual non repeating numebrs of which each is an indication of how many timer scores you've had stacked uniquely at any time in new time, the stack score takes expirimentation to craft your presence of, for instance your stack score would go up for things such as having both second parts of the second and fourth score active at the same time, or moving from the first to the second score or vice versa in chain while having the fourth score timer as well. When and if your current stack score is different then your last stack score it gets concatenated on to the right side of the fith score and the number of digits in your fith score strand will not exceed three. So your oldest stack scores are disposed of to commit to the three you have in unique order. You do not get a fith score reading until you exceed a number of three for time counters running/chained in combination run because of the nature of the second score having two counters already, and there is no fith score for one counter.

The sixth score is a been there done that tally of letters and numbers for visual achievements, there is a total of ten markers you can achieve for visiting visual idols. Five heiroglyph symbols written on the land stand for each number from "1" to "5," the other land marks are marked "c" for columns, "p" for pyramid, "w" for water, "l" for liberty and "e" for explorer. Your sixth score will accumulate in the order that you stumble upon various ten idols.

The Nth score value is a accumulation of how many nickels you pick up during your whole time, nickels are generated at random when the game starts or is unpaused. Collecting nickels will unlock body kits at the garage, there is also four "N" icons amongst the nickels, three of which unlock special body kits not shown in single player, one will cause you to loose all your nickels. Each player in multiplayer will hold a different field of randomized nickels and all kits will be visible but players will only be able to use those which they have individually unlocked.