The Story Line

In stardate 74426.5 the world as we know it has not changed drastically to impact human kind. A scientist however was set fourth by one of the most powerful and rich governments of his time to build the top most powerful weapon of all so they could solidify their status of being the lead in charge. Many things were researched and speculated but nothing of the sort rivaled the current most powerful weapon of the time which was the nuclear blast from a military commissioned warhead. Simply in the interest of chemistry and physics this scientist could not and would not reach the goal that had been set forth for him to accomplish. After so long and so much stress coming down on him from his governmental peers the time he invested turned into a stand still and everyone backed off from their ideas becoming reality. Something however did not diminish with those wishes, and that something was the time, effort, and economic gains this scientist had found himself holding as a parting gift from his controlled working lifestyle. His ethics and stress turned into leisure and liaison, things he walked past at the wrong miles per hour were now at his every disposal. The whole time he felt stupid with his attempts to create destruction and he kept thinking to himself, “if you want it so bad, life that is, why not the big bang” which in his brain justified the end and the means to the proposed similar offer, control with weapons. Ownership, power, he knew not of these lusts and greed and he simply just plays his roll as a scientist, none the less, mostly an observer as such. This would get the better of him, for the whole world was about to be affected and not a soul would be to speak of it by his next critical mission roll with energies of magnetism and electricity on a scale that was nothing short of the big bang. We could look back, if we could, we would find it was as simple as a switch that instantly wiped out all human kind similar to an implosive expulsion. For when he literally hit that last switch during a simple controlled hypotenuse test and experiment, the world transformed leaving no being in it. At the apex, or ground zero as it were an orb of energy from the out racing blast somehow saved the only visible existence of anything of the world, the Blacklawn. Something else happened in this center, something of an energy that seems to be lingering has scrap metal doing strange things... (to be continued)