As written on the top of the screen during play is the controls which are as follows:
E=Forward, D=Back, W/R=Sideways, Q/A=Speed

E = Makes you go forward.
D = Makes you go backwards.
W/R = Makes you move sideways.
Q/A = Increases or decreases speed.
ESC = Escape the game and/or quit.
~ = Opens console, ? + enter for help.


To play simply start House Of Glass from the programs menu using the House Of Glass shortcut. Once in the game, press F1 to start at level 1. Use the controls to manuver around the House Of Glass until you find the exit. You will be timed as soon as you step out of the start area, upon entering the end area your score and the best score will be displayed. At this time you can replay the level using F1 or go to the next level using F2. Any level you have already played may be skipped using F3.