IDE Modes


Normal (Visual Debugging)

The first stage of a MaxIDE Project Script requires the Visual build of the script and Debugging. In the normal mode you can have open as many visual IDE's open as you like working on different projects in each instance. All errors are routed to the Debug Window and the specific error line is highlighted in red. Evaluated statements are not technically statements nor real time produced as they are strings capable of anything in time at any time, thus these statements (if error) will only be promoted to the Debug Window.

Execute (Application Run)

This mode of operation assumes that your MaxIDE project has all of the visual build and debugging finalized such that it technically is error proof. This mode much like normal allows the IDE as many instances as you may, and runs the environment as an application under the userís desktop credentials. Unlike normal, execute mode does not initially cause the environment to be visible, however if an error occurs in this mode, the environment will become visible. To initiate this mode right click any MaxIDE project file and select "Execute" from the context menu.