The first way to navigate an FTP site is to simply enter the URL in the AddressBar and click Go.

You can also navigate an FTP site by double clicking on its folders.

When you double click on a folder Max-FTP will retrieve that folder and display its contents. The Back or Up One Level button will bring you back a directory.

The last way to navigate around sites is to use the ToolBar buttons Up, Back, Forward, Stop, and Refresh.

An example of the Up button would be if your in 'c:\My Documents\', clicking the Up button will bring you to 'c:\'. The Back button is different, if you were at and then you used the AddressBar to get to, clicking the Back button will bring you back to The forward button would bring you back to again. The Stop button stops any action being preformed by Max-FTP, if you hit the stop button and no action is being preformed, Max-FTP will disconnect from the server. Refresh retrieves a fresh list of the directory you're viewing.