Project Menu

New Project

Starts a new project, closing or prompting to save any open project and brings up the new project dialog below.

To create the new project, select what type of project you want between VBScript and JavaScript as the choices. (Template is used to easily modify object template files and is not multi document orientated)

When a new project is created it is created with a project template which is simply a default setup project file for existing for both VBScript and JavaScript.

Open Project

Opens a project file; when chosen, a dialog shows that allows browsing for the .MPRJ file you want to open. (To open an object template browse for the .MSCR file)

Close Project

Closes the currently open project and also frees the current environment so that you may open a different project.

Save Project / Save Project As...

Saves the currently open project, if no file name has been specified or if Save Project As is selected then a dialog to select the filename will appear. A save event will log the action in the debug window.

Run Project

Runs the current open project, when while not already in execution.  When executing this button becomes the stop button described below. Opening closing and saving will become unavailable during running a project. Saving is not required to run a project.

Stop Project

Stops the current running project; this is only visible when the project is running; otherwise this button is the same as the Run Project button above. This is only available if the project is running.

Project Map

Displays a new generated full project map view of the bare script being sent to the interpreter; this option is for debugging and is not available with out the source code.

Recent Files

Displays up to four of the most recent project files opened, or displays (No Recent Files) if there are none.