Schedule Manager


Main Window

Max-FTP Schedule Window

Above is a screenshot of Max-FTP's Schedule Manager. This is the window where you create, edit, remove or set the properties of schedules. To add or remove schedules right click the middle of the window, or click the Schedule menu; then make your selection from there.


Schedule Properties

Max-FTP Schedule Window

To modify the properties of a schedule, select it, right click, and then click on properties. A window like the one above will appear allowing you to change the name of the schedule, and modify whether it's a public schedule or not.

Schedule Types

A Manual schedule can only run if you click on the run icon from with in the Schedule Window.

An Increment schedule will continue to operate after so many minutes, days, or hours go by depending on how you set it. Increment schedules require a starting date and time.

Set schedules simply operates once on a given date and time you specify.