Schedule Window

Creating, Editing and Removing Operations

Click on the Add Operation toolbar icon to create an operation; it is the first icon on the toolbar. You will be prompted with an Operation window which will allow you to setup your scheduled operation.

Click on the second icon on the toolbar to edit an operation in the Schedule Window when the operation you wish to edit is selected.

To remove an operation simply select the operation and click on the 3rd icon on the toolbar, you will be prompted to confirm your remove action, click 'Yes' to remove the operation.

Order of Operations

If your operations are all manual and you clicked the Run All Operations icon, the operations would be executed in the order you see them. That's why it's sometimes important to modify the order of your operations.

To move an operation up the list, select the operation and click the up arrow on the toolbar.

To move an operation down the list, select the operation and click the down arrow on the toolbar.

Executing Operations

There are two methods to executing operations, you can let the operation run its natural scheduled course, or you can use the toolbar and run them manually.

The first Run Operation toolbar icon runs all the operations in your list in their order. The second Run Operation toolbar icon runs only the selected operations in your list.