New and Edit Operation Wizard

Operation Name

The first entry on the wizard is where you specify the operation name; this must be unique among the rest.

Operation Action

The next entry is where you define what the operation will do. By default the options are Popup Window, Popup Window with Sound, Run Program, Play Sound and Open Website.

Operation Parameters

Once you select the type of operation this will be, there will be parameters to set, more or less depending on the action. Select the parameter button and click the Edit button to define it.


Determines whether this operation will be automatically enabled or if it will be disabled to begin with.

Set Schedule

Specifies that the operation will run upon a single set time and date to be provided.

Increment Schedule

Specifies that the operation will run incrementally upon a start time and date and continue indefinitely.

Increment Type

Specifies the interval at which to run the increment schedule, by minute, hour or day.

Increment Value

Specifies the value of the interval at which to increment by, whether every interval or a numerical value.

Starting Date/Time

Specifies the starting date and time at which to begin the schedule, if the schedule is a set time and date, this is that time and date, else it is a starting time and date.