Above is the window that will show when you click "Add" it is very similar to the "Edit" window except the title will say "Add Entry" so that at anytime you know which action you selected during your actions.

In this window the Date/Time in which you add the item will be locked in.

The next field allows selecting any of the products from the product list and/or allows you to type in specifically the product you want this entry to tend to. This list of products is not linked to the database and can be custom setup by the "Edit Products" shortcut. Any saved product to a change control ticket can not change and will remain regardless of the product list.

The type field is where you select which kind of control tracking the entry you are adding will be. The options are "Change" and "Fix." A change is anything about the product that does not exist and needs to be added or modified to a current build. A fix is anything about the product that already exist but is not functioning properly in the said build, thus it's also a change but should have been implemented properly originally, or has since become inoperable for any other reason.

The comment field is where you will describe the Change or Fix in detail such that when you or whomever else views it knows just what is needed to be done. Anything you enter here will be accumulative meaning, once you enter it and complete adding the entry, you will not be able to modify it you'll only be able to add on to what is already there so that it tracks concerning issues if the comment is not so understood or is improper originally.

The last field is the status of the change control ticket itself. Possible options are "Open, Fixed, Re-Opened, and closed." So long as a ticket is not closed, it is still considered active and visible. Once a ticket as been properly tested or completed, it should be set to close which will hide it from the main list of tickets, unless the "Closed" check box is check. A "Re-Open" status shouldn't occur with out already having been a ticket in the "Open" status. A "Fixed" status is used to indicate retesting or analyzing, it pertains to tickets that are of type "Change" and "Fix." "Closed" becomes the final destination of the ticket, whether it is "Fixed" or even just no longer an issue in sequence.