When To-Doster is installed under the start menu items created there is a folder labeled "Configure" which has two shortcuts under it. One of them is labeled "Set Database." Choosing this option allows you to setup which database To-Doster will point to populate the change control list with when you are viewing or editing change control entries. Note, only one instance of To-Doster should be running at any one time between the main usage application and the configuration shortcuts.

Above is the window that will display that allows you to change the active database. By default the database points to a blank database installed under the folder that To-Doster was installed to. This database file can be copied or moved or even multiplied for your own interests. Once you change the file in the text box then the main To-Doster application will populate its list with the new database once you've run it, after you close the above window.

A more advanced option for those with database experience allows the use of a template Active Server Page distributed with To-Doster in the installed directory that allows use of a web server in conjunction with the .MDB file. This is an advanced option only for those with experience and must be watched close at your own digression of security. To-Doster is made to be simple, while this option and/or Microsoft Network share options allow ways for multiple users to connect to the database, it remains at you and yours' obedience in operation.