When To-Doster is installed under the start menu items created there is a shortcut labeled "Run To-Doster." Choosing this option opens the main viewing window of the change control entries and allows editing of them.

Above is the main window to To-Doster and it is comprised of two parts, the left column and the rest of the window, the data listing, that shows the change control tickets in the database. Each row relates to one ticket, the date/time the ticket was entered, which product it is for, the type of ticket it is, any comments, and the status of the ticket is displayed.

In the left column, there are options to add a change control ticket, Edit the change control ticket of the selected row, and Exit the application. The other option in the left column is the "Closed" check box. This, when selected, only shows change control tickets that have a status of "Closed." When "Closed" is not selected, it will show all tickets except those with a status of "Closed." This is mainly done to reduce clutter in continued growing lists where focus is critical. There are also the same options as in the left column if you right click a selected row, but this menu has the addition of the optional ability to "Remove" the change control ticket.