Statement of affidavit of arbitration denied due to invalided business practice in disrespectful equal opportunity employment chance among familiar ensured hierarchy.

Pseudonym to the non-anonymous author name Nicholas Forystek is the name of Neotext, no longer a legal defined business name in operation under Minnesota law still operates development in a production based model of the software that is a result of said prior established limited liability corporation by demonstration of the capable requirements to sustain a legal name with the state of Minnesota in the evolution of the liability by dynamics of restructuring of the original model of limited corporation with the conclusive ability of variant measure of management council in successful attempt to curve availability of the production continued as personal project upholding the standard of the statement as displayed to any said such purchaser has in reanalysis of dissolve in unannounced interpersonal memo made quota of re-demonstration of capability with a logical difference with out adding to, rather reorganization of original responsible for liability, managed to retain over performance to rise even before relinquish of structure business elements to cancel and sustain availability of the development and software in contrast by definition of inoculation of pronunciation and dictionary declaration of origin word and meanings in two assumed name potentials. Namely, SoSouiX, and Neotext.

Due to the strict requirements of a development and production based roll out of software in management of quality analysis I am at this time requesting the responsibility of any said title raised from the original titles as stated here: RemindMe, Creata-Tree, and Max-FTP; such that quality analysis understands the role of demand and development where as human error in allowance required feedback and therefore reasonably state in deflection, said derivatives of title where as by which way and how acquired remain the use of at your own risk should you consider response to the requiem of a change control, and not what transpires in no single bad business practice conclusive for lack there of either bad/good response in end user requests satisfactory, nor neither the actual above named title in delivery, then it must be done in and at the transpired intent of original provided said source code in return for the feature quality enrichment that has under gone since as is constantly underway with out loosing functionality nor threatening personal development experience in due to the back up nature intended then resolute.

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