The case study at hand is whether or not if the halogen rated deck as depicted in Star Trek were real, but say in more of a human form as if you are in a chair and under a narcotic for the experience, then is it theoretically possible to transfer a file using FTP from inside to the real world or vice versa. As in Star Trek the applicants are not undergoing a alter vegetable stasis, but I think in the real world if we had anything like a halogen deck that they maybe and that might be a bottleneck o transference of any kind in such that a phase the human needs the passageway to safely go and come. So below is real world calculations of dimensions, not computer types like rendered holographic, thus provides testimony theory to sine C OS.

Ambiguous matrix physics matter calculations.

Above is a display of the theory of relativity of a 3D rectangular prism space filled with air, and two 3D spheres filled with water inside the rectangular prism. The upper similarly aligned portion of text entry defined the dimensions and attributes of these two matters in space, and the other three columns of text boxes are automatically filled upon clicking calculate. What they illustrate is the representation path of whole references to speeds of light, in four different sets of abstract, where as, 1 exists normal true whole unit value whatever it maybe, we represent a single as such, zero being the absence of thus a void reality or null concept of space with light, and then a 2 which encapsulates two wholes, whether it be allotted absent or single, the show of 2 plans not a constant and rather two wholes is expressed by a -1 as well, meaning complete converse opposite, neither similar to a absence. The final lowest text box in the fulcrum column is what the ratio of water to air is in friction as either side being a 1:1 ratio from any nominal elemental to another, with conduct of calculate the construct of a 2nd dimension to infinite dimensions where they do not attend friction together, and rightfully mindfully coexist like concepts of calculating with 3D gaming, before presenting a scene. The surface area and volume then play into effect of using the final ratio fulcrum to measure friction to occur reference of force to freely untaxed movement among other elements. Say you have a bean bag chair, and a small tennis ball. The bean bag chair can completely cover all round the tennis ball, thus absent of surface area it is stalled inside the object with no conducting exposed surface, where as two tennis balls can only come in contact on a small portion of their surface area and not cover one anothers by a long shot, leaving the friction in course of action, by surface area, or lack there of, then volume plays potential weighted reality when Newtons law of objects in motion, would be consumed a tennis ball by a bean bag, halting movement and essentially becoming part of its overall body mass index by volume internally objection to any more surface area existing if completely covered.