Ambiguous matrix physics matter calculations.

Considering if dimensions are not as overlayers and ambigious in matter for clone bodies, describing similar
just as in video games as in life, the existance of two each with their own space and rain drops then two I3
resulting ratio's are project with in their own respective matrix, meaning that a real world information of
volume in two rain drops and volume of space,, uses the combine of one element in a single instance of other.
Then applying the pathagoreian therom to a single air as part of the right angle, and rain another part the
hypoteneus is a description of the couples I3 ratios with the blend of a volume that projects from to other.

Pathagoreian Therom applied to three parts of two of the above final I3 folcrum ratio, complexed against the
same opposing two parts sharing hypotenus's as then again complex 3rd right triangle pathagoreian results in
a friction coeffecient as hypothenus to a elements surface area and volume for yet another 4th pathagoreian.