Certificate Policy


1. (end entity, public to web user exchange)


2. ServerPronto (intermediate, commercial hosting exchange)


3. Nicholas Forystek (individual signature certificate authority)


Overview of Certification


·         This policy was created to be in contrary to the prior certificates authorities for cost effectiveness and attempts to better represent honest indication of validity parties to the best of known chain of command in any already present defaulting liability situation.   In order to browse and have application’s digital signatures validated and OK, you must choose to individually install three certificates of a single chain, acknowledging each, starting with the self signed root authority certificate party, Nicholas Forystek, downloadable here: Nicholas


·         The certificate chain of three, cascaded certificates, are being used for all of the following services provided to any connected client, includes; SSL (for HTTP, FTP, IMAP, POP3, Remote Desktop) and Code Signing with Time Stamping.  When browsing the website you have the option of viewing it in SSL via https, or with out SSL via http.  The above certificate is not a requirement for most browsers, and browsers will not immediately allow continued use of a unknown root authority with out the end user extra consent step. 


·         Use of the root authority certificate or accepting the safety warning, the website provides the able validity of second certificate in the chain through browser inspection of the SSL, of which the non-self signed certificate has a subject of “ServerPronto” and issuer of “Nicholas Forystek.”  Using your browser, inspect the SSL connection details and certificate, where there will be a means of installing the certificate in use.  The second chain certificate makes it possible to validate the third certificate in the chain, which is the signing certificate on all applications software or executables downloadable via


·         Using the properties dialog of any application downloaded form, inspecting an executable file, will contain a tab of the digital signature, where you can further inspect the certificate and there will be an installation option for the certificate in its respective dialog.  This final certificate in the chain has a subject of “” issued by “ServerPronto.”


*Installation of any of all three certificates can be done with default option stores, this server is equipped with only this single certificate chain for isolation purposes, downloadable copies of the certificates are in cabinet file format and the entire chain may be downloaded here: Neotext


ServerPronto does not issue the certificate in this chain but ultimately may have authority in-between any application delivery from myself, Nicholas Forystek, to the end user, granted by providence of ServerPronto’s service availability to their customers, and co-authority signatory nature of responsibility to end user base amenities.  The signed software happens in development, before exchange which happens between ServerPronto’s physical commercial systems and end users as end signatory exchange entity with regards to supervised innovations available containing this policy appearance via link to this text on the end entity certificate signed applications upon inspection. web servers are not equipped with any other certificate other then this chain in the system and user store as a security measure and seriousness to isolation of its primary service certifiably.


Neotext, or Neotext Software as expressed in relation to this website, is most similar to a non profit organization of one employee is size, however IS NOT neither organization or corporation otherwise, and is a personal project that makes no guarantee claim of availability or uptime.  The major development umbrella title modularly, Max-FTP and its components, as well the first title software made internet available by said author, have been in development sine the turn of the millennium.  Neotext maintains that it is absolutely medical that a host provider not involve themselves with personal content of their customers as to the extent of the local law abiding, and that all ICAN records are maintained correct and double checked for typing errors.


To register prior versions of Max-FTP, RemindMe, or Creata-Tree using a purchased key, you must use Notepad to add this line of text “” with out quotes to the “hosts” file located in the “<drive:>\Windows\System32\drivers\etc” folder of your Windows operating system drive.  You may then precede registration as normal, and once done, remove the added line.  Sorry for the inconvenience.