PlayStation Portable Backgrounds: (See below for instructions)

How to set your PSP wallpaper:

Move the pointer over the desired image by holding the square button and operating the left thumb grip both seperately or together. Press the triangle button to pull up the internet option icons. Highlite the very first icon in the lower left corner, the file icon, by using the left arrow buttons. Press the "X" button to pull up a menu of options and use the right arrow keys to move up or down to the "Save Image" option. Press the "X" button, confirm a file name presented will have a destination of "/PICTURE/" and press the "X" button with the word "Save" highlited. After you see the sign "Save completed." click the circle button three times and then the "X" button with the word "Yes" highlited to exit your PSP browser. With the arrow keys on the left scroll left or right through your PSP menu to the "Photo" section, then scroll down to your "Memory Stick" and click the "X" button. Then again scroll down until you see the picture you downloaded and press the "X" button to view it. While viewing it, press the triangle button and a menu of icons will come up. Lastly use the arrow keys on the left to find the "Set as Wallpaper" icon, it is the second icon from the left side on the vary top row, and will display the words "Set as Wallpaper" when you have highlited it. Press the "X" button and a sign will appear asking you to confirm you wish to set your background to the selected image, highlite the word "Yes" byusing the left arrow keys, and then press the "X" button. After you background has been set, click the circle button three times and say "there's no place like home!"